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Oliver Chips

I would like to thank you for all your help in getting me out of financial difficulties. I am now just paying an agreed amount which is much easier for me and my debt is going down instead of up. I would recommend anyone in the same position to contact Debt Advice Hub as soon as possible.

Mrs H, Norwich
Oliver Chips

I would like to thank Debt Advice Hub for all their assistance. A very friendly, efficient and confidential service. Helped me every step of the way!

Mr A, Lancashire
Oliver Chips

It took me a great deal of courage to pick up the phone and call Debt Advice Hub for help. When I spoke to them though, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. They gave me reassurance that my creditors will stop hassling me and that I can pay one payment each month to pay my debts off. I am looking forward to being debt free. Thanks again.

Miss W, Lancashire
Oliver Chips

I would like to thank Neil at Debt Advice Hub for explaining each step of the process I needed to take to set up my IVA. It was all explained clearly and made simple. Neil kept in touch regularly and was reassuring when I wasn’t sure of the steps. Thank you Debt Advice Hub. I am 65% debt free and feel like I can have a fresh start.

Miss W, County Durham
Oliver Chips

I contacted Debt Advice Hub following a recommendation from a friend. I explained my debt situation to the advisor who was very understanding and he talked me through all the options available to me. I am now in the 2nd year of my IVA with the help of Debt Advice Hub and looking forward to a debt free future.

Mr M A, Lancashire

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Unsecured Debts

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With an IVA

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Debt write off:
£16,800 (68%)

We can help with the following debts

  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Payday Loans
  • Catalogues
  • Household Bills
  • Benefit Overpayments
  • Business Debt
  • Overdrafts

This is not an exhaustive list, and we can deal with most unsecured debts.
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Government Approved Solutions

Authorised By The Financial Conduct Authority

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The Money Advice Service is a free and impartial money advice service set up by government. You can visit their website here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

An IVA is an agreement between you and your creditors to repay your debts at an affordable amount and for a set period of time (usually 60 months).

An IVA is a formal procedure backed by UK law. Once an IVA is set up, all interest and charges will be frozen and you will only make one single regular payment for all your unsecured debts.

The IVA will provide you with legal protection from your creditors taking any action against you to recover their debt. They will not be allowed to call or write to you demanding payments, they cannot instruct bailiffs and cannot continue any legal action.

This will depend on which debt solution you enter into, however, most formal solutions have an element of debt write off. If, for example, you enter into an IVA, you will only pay what you can afford on a monthly basis (can also be weekly) for a set period, and any remaining debt will be written off.

Our advice is completely free. However, if you enter into a recommended solution, fees may be applicable. The fee is dependent on the debt solution entered into, however, all fees will be made clear to you before you enter into any solution.

If you enter into an IVA, fees are applicable. There are no set up or upfront costs and all fees are included in your regular payments.

If you come to an agreement with your creditors, they will usually stop calling you and writing to you. However, they are not obliged to stop. If, however, you enter into a formal solution like an IVA or a DRO, then your creditors will no longer be able to contact you demanding payments. This is the law!

Once your IVA has been approved, creditors are legally obliged to stop all demands of payment from you. This includes bailiff and debt collector action.

There isn’t one. Formal debt solutions that allow you to have debts written off have been around for many years and are quite common. These formal solutions are backed by UK law.